Asbestos Testing & Air Monitoring


What is Asbestos?

You should be aware of what asbestos is because of the health risks and hazards it can cause. It is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that had been used in the field of construction because of its high resistance to fire, heat, and sound. Today, the use of asbestos in building materials has been banned because of the great risk that it poses to our health. Unfortunately, however, it is still possible to find asbestos in some products or materials for building.

The only method to ensure you are free from asbestos and that you are not posing your health at risk is to have the material analyzed. Mind you that it is possible to find asbestos in roofing, duct insulation, and ceiling tiles, but not only.

The inhalation of asbestos and the trapping of its particles in your lungs can lead to serious health issues, which include but are not limited to :

  • Asbestosis, which can cause shortness of breath, coughing, and difficulties in breathing;
  • Mesothelioma, a type of cancer that hits the internal membrane of the lungs and abdomen;
  • Lung Cancer;Pleural Plaques which involves a change in the lining of your lungs;
  • Pleural Effusions, the collection of fluids between the lungs, making it extremely hard to breathe.

If you want to be sure your place is safe and free from this dangerous mineral, you should test for the presence of asbestos. We are here to make sure that you are not risking your health.

Asbestos Testing and Surveys

We are a highly qualified and experienced company, providing the highest quality service when it comes to asbestos testing and building surveys.   Surveys are required to obtain demolition and renovation permits prior to any construction work. 

 Asbestos Demolition Survey and Renovation Surveys

NYS and Federal Regulations require an asbestos survey prior to the renovation or demolition of any structure regardless of construction date with very few exceptions.  Call to see if the regulations apply to you.

 AirWater Environmental LLC  also provides asbestos air monitoring services during the abatement of asbestos.   Starting from an evaluation of the space, we then make sure the contractor sets up the appropriate containment and barriers, where needed, to protect the public during the removal process.

At the conclusion of the asbestos abatement project will perform a detailed inspection and final clearance air samples per the asbestos regulations.   This ensures your building is turned over and cleared for re-occupancy.  

When Do You Need Asbestos Testing?

You should ensure the removal of asbestos before demolishing or renovating a business or an area. It is required by law to carry out asbestos testing before renovating a building, as the health hazard of this substance is quite severe.

It is common to find asbestos in these kinds of materials and equipment, so make sure you perform a removal procedure:

Plumbing components including piping, tanks, boilers, ducts, and vermiculite, among other components.  Construction Materials such as floor tiles, plasters, cement, adhesive mastic, and joint compound.

Our primary objective is to ensure the health and safety of our customers, the environment and our employees. We know how dangerous it is to have to deal with asbestos and no other person than a trained team of professionals should be assigned to remove it.

Call us today and ensure safety at your place. We guarantee high-quality and efficient service.

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