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Do you have mold in your attic or basement?   Mildew or moldy basement?  Does it smell musty and look filthy?  Have you had a mold assessment report from a home inspector/assessor and are trying to buy or sell a property?   Is your staff complaining of not feeling well with cold like symptoms?  Has a consultant identified mold in your place of business?   We can help and we provide free estimates for mold removal.

Mold Remediation

Hiring a Mold Professional

Choosing the right contractor is the most crucial step with all construction projects.  We are very experienced and have professional, neat, and certified crews.  We have the proper workers compensation, general liability, and mold insurance for this specific type of work.   Don’t settle for any less.  We provide all the documentation needed for a proper NYS Mold Remediation Project for real estate attorneys and sales.   

Black Mold Removal

Bleach products are ineffective in eradicating mold. Black toxic mold (a layman’s term) is not the only type of mold that is harmful as most customers tend to think. The presence of mold in your home can endanger your health, damage the structure, and reduce its value.

We provide solutions to the causes of the moisture intrusion to resolve mold issues as well as removing the mold.  All mold removal tasks are completed in a negative air pressure environment that eliminates cross-contamination problems. Double-bagging of the removed debris is followed by second HEPA-vacuuming which ensures the place is clean and safe for you and your family or staff. Our Comprehensive Mold Management process is to provide our clients with the most informative, affordable mold remediation process in the industry. We take our clients through the remediation process from the start to finish in a way that they can understand the process and be satisfied with the final result.

Mold Estimate

We will perform a thorough mold estimate site visit and provide you with a free estimate. The following are some of the indicators that your house is infested by mold:

  • If it has a musty smell
  • Signs of water damage that can be seen
  • If your home has a leaking basement
  • If the roof is leaking, has poor attic ventilation, or the bath fans exhaust into the attic or out the soffit vents
  • If your home has a plumbing leak
  • If you home have a sewer overflow

We are also on the lookout for water or moisture damage such as wood rot, staining, swelling, and their causes. There are two types of mold concerns in residential areas that we service that is the visible and the hidden mold. Most people tend to think that mold no longer exists they don’t see it and this is not true. Mold growth can thrive in basement and attic areas that cannot be seen such as inside walls, under flooring and other areas that are not easily accessible.

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